Why work with
Why work with Packimpex
Experienced local personnel

Best knowledge of their region and a global outlook.

Outstanding customer satisfaction

4.6 of 5 stars standardised rating based on 5000+ recent reviews.

Presence in 7 European countries

Wherever you grow, we grow with you.

Award-winning technology

Packimpex’ online relocation platform Relox perfectly complements our expert consultancy.

We support 4500+ relocations every year

You benefit from this experience and capability.

Certified ‘Great Place To Work’, Equal Pay, member of EURA

A positive and fair workplace for 180+ outstanding employees

Carbon neutral since 2011

The first ever relocation company to become CO2 neutral and still an innovator today.

From our high level of care for our customers, our award-winning tech, to relocation consultants with in depth local knowledge, we’ve outlined below the main reasons why you should choose Packimpex for your next relocation project.

Human centric tech

When you coordinate transfers from afar, as a relocation management company or a corporate HR, the digital capabilities of your local Destination Services provider are crucial. But more than API compatibility, you also need to know that transferees have someone they can depend on at their destination. You need someone to help them find a home and integrate into the local culture. That’s why the local personal touch is more important than ever.


Find out more about our unique approach blending digital tools with a human centric approach.

Industry leading satisfaction scores

We couldn’t be more proud of our 4.6 out of 5 stars rating based on 5000+ recent reviews. We also measure our net promoter score, which stands at 74.1%, and we see that 98% of our clients say that they are happy with our service.


Find out how we calculate our customer satisfaction scores and how we managed to achieve so much recognition in our industry.

Hyper-local coverage in 7 European countries

Local knowledge is everything in relocation and wherever we are present, we have local experts who know the ins of and out of their destination.


Find out more about how we deliver local expertise in all the European markets we cover.

CO2 neutral since 2011

A focal point of our ethical core and mission statement is caring for the environment. We take this very seriously, as proven by our ISO certification and the fact that we were the first in our industry to be certified as CO2 neutral.


We are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment. From our involvement in various carbon offsetting projects in South Africa, Mali, Turkey, and India to investing in a fleet of electrical vehicles for our employees, we keep on coming up with new ways to offset our carbon footprint.


Find out more about how we care for the environment.

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