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Relocation services that go beyond

As a European relocation company, Packimpex offers turnkey services for every stage of the relocation process: Destination Services, Rental Furniture, Immigration Services and Move Management as well as Corporate Housing.


Thanks to this unique mix of services, we have supported and served numerous clients from a variety of fields across Europe for nearly 45 years.


Today, thanks to our flexible approach, our clients are both companies (small and large corporate accounts), RMCs (relocation management companies), as well as individuals (private persons).

Companies and Organisations

Packimpex provides relocation services to companies and international organisations of all sizes, from one-off support all the way to tailored corporate relocation programs.


By providing their employees and their families with outstanding support throughout the relocation process (as well as after it), our corporate clients strongly increase their chance of making the relocation a success, boosting employee retention and ensuring that everyone involved can focus on business (and not on the many relocation details).


Why companies prefer Packimpex

When it comes to relocation, it makes sense to outsource to expert relocation companies such as Packimpex. This way, companies can focus on the big picture and leave the doing (and all the details) to the experts. This is especially important if you are not in the same location your employee is moving to – this will make it even harder for you to provide the support your employee actually needs.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing to expert relocation providers is that your employee will have a better relocation experience due to the following:

Extensive local knowledge
Optimized processes thanks to years (or in our case, decades) of experience
In depth knowledge of the extreme stress of a long-distance relocation

It takes a special kind of person to support people going through this transition while still delivering an efficient service. And those are exactly the kind of people who work as relocation specialists at Packimpex.

Individuals (Private Clients)

Packimpex is specialised in supporting individuals and their families with their international relocation. We are highly experienced in providing efficient one-off relocation support to any individual who needs to handle their international move by themselves.


Private clients receive the same award-winning service as we provide to corporations and international organisations. When you book relocation support by Packimpex, you can look forward to showing up to work relaxed, comfortable, and ready to focus on your new job.


What private clients can expect


Enjoy a smooth relocation with our expert support. How it works:


Start with a free Guidance Call
Get your personalised quotation immediately
Start your services and go ahead


What our customers say


We’re extremely proud that our customers have rated our service as 4.6 out of 5 stars standardised rating, based on over 5000+ recent reviews.


"The service and support of all agents during this move process surpassed our expectations. I fail to see how the process can be made any easier, more straightforward or comprehensive." A. Bradshaw, relocated from the UK


Why Private Clients prefer Packimpex

If you’re in charge of organizing our own relocation, then congrats to you! It will be tough but rewarding. Let’s not forget tough. You’ll have to sift through so much online info that’s been updated maybe 10 years ago, you might not get answers from the Facebook groups you joined – and the list goes on. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Perfectly suited to self-pay clients, Packimpex services for private clients can be booked online easily and with total transparency. If you’re not sure which services are right for you or if you might want variable support, you can always get in touch. Our relocation consultants are happy to clarify.

When you have a seasoned relocation provider by your side you increase your chances of getting the house you want and settle in much faster, without stressing out over tiny details.

Relocation Management Companies (RMC’s)

Packimpex has a long track record of being the provider of choice for Relocation Management Companies, global organizations who work on behalf of multinational corporations.


RMCs are leaders in coordinating and quality-assuring local relocation services from providers such as Packimpex who deliver the local in-country relocation service.


As a long-term provider to most leading Relocation Management Companies, we’ve been thrilled and honored to receive numerous awards recognizing our ‘outstanding level of service’. Even during the very challenging pandemic year of 2021 we won three prestigious relocation industry awards from RMC partners:


the BGRS Silver Award for "Outstanding Performance"
invitation to Aires "Circle of Excellence"
Weicherts "legendary Service Provider" award
WHR Group Partner in Quality award
Graebel Preferred Provider Badge


Why RMC’s prefer Packimpex

Handling multi-country relocation projects is a major logistical and administrative problem for large corporate HR managers, Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), and companies of all sizes.

For starters, you need to find suppliers in every country. Moreover, when the country is large, culturally diverse, or administratively fragmented (like the UK, Germany, Switzerland, or Belgium), you’ll need multiple partners because of regional variances. This is extremely time-consuming and therefore expensive.

As a leading European relocation company with a multi-market presence, Packimpex has mitigated these risks for its RMC partners, who now enjoy smooth, streamlined process, central invoicing and overview on service spending/reporting for all their transfers.

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