Leaving the UK
Leaving the United Kingdom is a race against time and a logistical roller-coaster.

From ending utilities and various contracts, handling the apartment back, cleaning and repairs, deregistering from the local council or getting the rental deposit back – you may well find departure from the UK to be somewhat overwhelming.


Packimpex are the experts in ensuring your departure is just as smooth as your arrival elsewhere.


When leaving the UK, you’ll find yourself in a logistical rollercoaster.

What is Departure Support and why is it worth having a professional relocation consultant by your side?

A Relocation Consultant will coordinate together with you the different steps of your departure. These are just a few of the services Packimpex can provide to make sure your expatriation experience is as smooth and seamless as possible: lease contract termination, provide quotes for end cleaning of your apartment and maximise your chances of getting your deposit back.

We know that every departure is unique, so this service is customisable to meet all your needs.

Learn more about a stress-free departure from your current home by booking this free Guidance Call. We'll be happy to explain more in detail what it actually entails so you can decide if you need our support or not.


Secure the best possible temporary housing in the UK

We can organise temporary accommodation for shorter stays or for during the period where your personal belongings have already been packed and shipped, yet you still plan to remain in Great Britain or Northern Ireland for a number of weeks or months.


International removals done right

Want to move on time and with care? You have come to the right place! Packimpex handles over 4,500 international relocations every year with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Work with Packimpex to get competitive rates and exceptional full service thanks to our partnerships with moving providers worldwide. You will get your household goods within a short timeframe and in sync with the other relocation services you book from us, thanks to our innovative logistics solutions and customer-centric approach.


Feel at home, cost effective and sustainable

For employees on fixed term assignments, rental furniture is the best way to keep costs in check and care for the environment at the same time. When you move to a new location for a short period of time, it makes no financial sense to bring your furniture along, but you still want to feel at home.

That’s when our furniture rental service comes in - you’ll choose great quality pieces of furniture in pre-set packages that contain everything you need, from corkscrews to sofas and laundry bags. The order process is easy, delivery is within just a few days, and our service also includes the assembly of the furniture.

Why choose Packimpex for Departure Support?

Packimpex is a European relocation market leader and the most awarded international relocation company. Packimpex has over 45 years' experience in relocation, handling on average about 4,500 relocations per year. Our super-power? We care. And we want you to have the smoothest possible relocation experience. Personalisation and attention to detail for every expat situation have brought us the 'preferred relocation company' status year after year.


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