Our values

Our values define us

Allow us to introduce ourselves and the values that are close to our heart. In a nutshell, our agile, forward-thinking and team-based culture is rounded by our customer-centric business model. We aim to deliver exceptional service and pride ourselves in the flexible thinking that we apply to our customers’ ever changing needs.

We care about people

Relocation is a people business and people are at the core of everything we do. Whether our customers or our employees, we pay attention and we listen closely. We send customer feedback forms at the end of each relocation to measure quality and assess areas for improvement. Our on-going efforts to exceed customer expectations have enabled us to achieve a degree of excellence far above the industry average. When it comes to our employees, you can read more below.

We empower our employees and our customers

We empower our employees so they also empower our customers. Our employees receive the tools, support and education they need to build caring customer relations and take a proactive approach to advancing our business. They listen to our customers’ needs and concerns, and share their local expertise and international experience to give customers the support they need.

We care about the environment

A focal point of our ethical core and mission statement is caring for the environment. We take this very seriously, as proven by our ISO certification and the fact that we were the first relocation company to become CO2 neutral in 2011.


We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. From our involvement in various carbon offsetting projects in South Africa, Mali, Turkey, and India to investing in a fleet of electrical vehicles for our employees, we keep on coming up with new ways to offset our carbon footprint.

We innovate, change and improve

Innovation is a fundamental requirement in our on-going pursuit of business excellence. We provide simply the best solution in all relocation-related topics for each and every one of our customers by implementing innovative services and processes. Our employees share this spirit of sustainable innovation.

We're accountable

Packimpex adheres to clearly defined processes and regular certification renewals by independent auditors. The strive for business excellence is underlined by the following quality certifications:


ISO 9001: processes
ISO 14000: environment
ISO 27001: data protection


We also choose our partners based on their ability to deliver the highest quality service with terms and conditions that are advantageous to our customers. The Packimpex vendor management programme includes yearly quality assessments and regular face-to-face meetings with major partners.

We have strict professional ethics

Professional ethics guide Packimpex employees each and every day. Business ethics, such as compliance with quality management standards, anti-bribery regulations, code of conduct and data privacy policies, are an integral part of everything we do.

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