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Not sure what to tackle first? 

Are you looking to relocate employees to The Netherlands? In addition to a tight housing market, relocations to the Netherlands involve immigration, registration, bank account and telecom set up, schooling guidance and about seven other touch points. Is your HR team ready to handle all of them for one relocation alone? 

If you've answered a resounding NO to all of the above, then meet Dimitri Pennings, our Local Hero in The Netherlands, ready to make your employees' expatriation a walk in the park.

Local Heroes: 
The experts you need to tackle any local challenge

Local Heroes are Packimpex relocation experts who know the ins and outs of the relocation process, as well as those of the destination they cover. They speak the local “language” in every thinkable way.

Immigration regulations, how to beat the tight Dutch housing market, opening a bank account with minimum headaches, getting a telecom or internet subscription in record time – your Local Hero in The Netherlands will handle everything with a global view and local expertise.

How can your Local Hero ensure a seamless and efficient relocation process?

Housing search: 

The housing market is the biggest challenge for new expats in the Netherlands. The decision for property rentals often needs to be made on the spot. Thanks to our vast network, we can find out about new listings before they go live on mainstream websites, so our clients have a clear advantage. 

‘One of our clients moved an employee last year from Hong Kong to a small town near Rotterdam, a beautiful town and very desirable with limited availability of course. We managed to find a property and viewed it on the behalf of our client, we did a live video tour for them and when they touched down in the Netherlands, all was sorted out. That was really a text-book case and now they’re happily settled in’.

‘We’ve had a family relocating from the US to the Netherlands during COVID-19, February 2020 in the midst of lockdowns. Their son had just had just undergone some serious medical procedures so the family was understandably very stressed and anxious. We helped with things like registering for the NHS before getting their permit and address, having food delivery arranged or the purchase of a car. When they arrived at the airport a car was waiting for them. We’ve done everything to make sure they have minimum hassle. In addition to housing and car, their temporary accommodation, school and banking were all sorted out before they set foot in the Netherlands’.

‘’Hi Dimitri, much appreciate your prompt action for all my enquiries. You are demonstrating what a professional should look like 😊’

Choose Packimpex to secure an amazing experience for your employees. The employees you entrust to us will feel at home in their new country from day one.

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„I’m a no-nonsense guy. My clients always know where they stand and what they should do. As a Local Hero, I’m here to empower to you with the right relocation intel and take as many things off your plate as possible. My ultimate goal is to provide an end-to-end service that eliminates all the usual blockers and ensures a seamless relocation process“

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Help with creating your own relocation policies:

Our relocation experts can help you create your very own processes, budgets, and expectations. You’ll have a framework that you can easily replicate for all your upcoming relocations. 

Customers we’ve helped told us this:

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Dimitri Pennings

Packimpex, Netherlands

Dimitri Pennings

Packimpex, Netherlands

Health insurance:

If your employee is new to the Netherlands, they will find the insurance market confusing. There are more than 200 different insurance companies with dozens of packages each, some of them available only in Dutch. We are always here to advise and shortlist the best options for each transferee.

Settle in advice:

Integration in the Netherlands is fairly easy as it is a very friendly environment for internationals. But we do consult and advise on matters like health insurance and education, which some foreigners find confusing. 

Immigration services:

Not sure which type of visa applies to your new employee? When does it need to be renewed? Need help with preparing the paperwork before their arrival? We can help you untangle any bureaucratic hurdle with no headaches. We constantly advise our clients and weigh the safe route versus the attractive quick fixes, which may be more damaging in the long run. Even so, we always find a solution. 

Language barriers:

Since very few expats speak Dutch, you need a local relocation expert to help you navigate everything, from legal documents to internet subscription offers. 

Dimitri Pennings


the Netherlands

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