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Packimpex offers relocation services and valuable local expertise in multiple European countries

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Around 45 years ago, Packimpex started as a small European household goods moving company based in Switzerland. Today, we’re a relocation services provider active in seven European countries and serving clients from around the world. Find out where we are located and how we can best serve our clients thanks to our network of local experts.

Why work with a multi-national European relocation company?

Handling multi-country relocation projects is a major logistical and administrative problem for large corporate HR managers, Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), and companies of all sizes. For starters, you need to find suppliers in every country. Moreover, when the country is culturally diverse and administratively fragmented (like Switzerland or Belgium, for instance), you might need multiple partners because of regional variances.


This is extremely time-consuming and expensive. As a leading European relocation company, Packimpex has mitigated all these risks for its partners, who now have a smoother and streamlined processes.

Local knowledge is everything

Despite our European presence, we know fully well that in the relocation business, local knowledge matters most. Transferees relocate to a definite city in a very definite country, they need to find a home in London or Amsterdam, not in a vague destination in the UK or the Netherlands. That’s why we have appointed Local Heroes in every country where we are present.

Meet our Local Heroes

Local Heroes are experts who not only know relocation inside-out, but also know their region very well.


Meet below our local experts in all the countries where we are present:

The Netherlands: Meet your Local Hero

Dimitri Pennings is your go-to Netherlands relocation expert and Local Hero. Dimitri has more than a decade of experience in the relocation industry and a strong background in problem-solving roles. As a triathlete, he has the right mindset to overcome obstacles and find the best solutions in the most challenging of circumstances.

Belgium: Meet your Local Hero

Eleonore van Rijckevorsel has more than a decade of experience in the Belgian relocation industry. She runs Packimpex's local relocation branch in Belgium. As a Local Hero, Eleonore is always ready to provide end-to-end assistance with every relocation-related need.

The UK: Meet your Local Hero

Andy Featherstone, the Packimpex Local Hero and Head of Operations for the UK, is a relocation professional with three decades of experience in the industry. Andy thrives on providing a truly personal service to his clients and his passion for providing an excellent customer experience is unsurpassed.

Germany: Meet your Local Hero

Alistair Murray, our COO, runs Packimpex Germany. He has spent more than two decades in the relocation industry and continues to be at the forefront of innovation in this field.


Switzerland is so culturally and linguistically diverse that we’ve specialised in various regions of this unique country. Meet our Swiss Local Hero network below:


Zurich, Central Switzerland, and Liechtenstein: Thomas Marks. Thomas has supported international and local companies as well as NGO’s with their relocation needs for almost 15 years.

Greater Basel Area: Nick Simonetti. Nick has supported international and local companies, as well as NGO’s with their relocation needs for over 10 years.

Geneva, Lausanne, and French-speaking Switzerland (“the Romandie”): Maud Tachon, who has accompanied and supported international companies and SME’s for 15 years in Switzerland and Europe.

Bern Capital Region: André Hirschi. André has supported international and local companies and NGO’s throughout Switzerland for over 10 years at Packimpex.

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