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Housing solutions in the Netherlands: home search made easy

Whether you're moving within the Netherlands or from overseas, finding a home to rent as an expat is a tall order. Our housing experts will help you find your perfect home in the Netherlands!


We'll take care of everything related to home searching so you can relax on your first day in the Netherlands. Go for a walk to see your new neighbourhood, spend an evening of Netflix and chill, sample the local cuisine – you've got plenty of time for everything!

Book a free Relocation Guidance Call with a Relocation Coach. We'll be happy to explain more about what it means to search for a home to rent in the Netherlands and how we can help.

Find housing in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Groningen, and other Dutch cities

A quick online search for houses to rent in the Netherlands may turn up a lot of results. But they are typically deceptive.


The housing market here is extremely tight, especially in the bigger cities. While the capacity of the Netherlands' housing market is increasing every year, it's still not large enough to host everyone looking for a home in a Dutch city.


Plus, renting or buying a residential property in the Netherlands as a relocating expat is not easy.


The Dutch housing market is a landlords' market: there are multiple applications for every home you find online.

You need a Dutch residence permit before you can rent a home in the Netherlands – this makes it very hard to look for properties before landing here.

The Dutch landlords and property managers are the ones making the choice between applicants.

We always recommend viewing a property before committing to a rental agreement – this is why we offer remote video viewings.

In cities like Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Rotterdam, or Groningen the competition is even tougher. You may have to settle for a rental home that is outside your preferred area or outside your budget. We're here to make sure you make as few of these compromises as possible!


Since renting a property without a Dutch residence permit is nearly impossible, your only choices when you arrive seem to be staying in a hotel or in short-term corporate housing. Both of these options are extremely expensive and very uncomfortable.


Why not opt for saving money and enjoying comfort at the same time? Let our relocation professionals find the perfect home in the Netherlands for you!

What is Home Finding Support and how does it help you find housing in the Netherlands?

Stuck in the tight Dutch real estate market with no headway in sight?

Had your rental application turned down just because you called from abroad?

Does your rental application seem to be at the bottom of a large pile of applications and you've no idea if/when you'll get an answer from the letting agent?


Packimpex will get you the home you want in the Netherlands!


It's our job to make corporate housing in the Netherlands easy for you.


As a preferred European relocation services provider, Packimpex has the expertise and the local network to help you find the rental home you want in the Netherlands. Choose Packimpex to break free from bureaucracy and improve your chances of getting a rental home in the Netherlands.


Through our Home Finding Support service, you will enjoy:


Local support for finding housing in the Dutch area you prefer: do you want to be close to your workspace, to nature, or to a lively neighbourhood? Our corporate housing consultants in the Netherlands know the ins and outs of every Dutch region and can guide in making the best choice when it comes to houses for rent.

In-person or online tours of all the properties you are interested in. With our online tours, you can have your home in the Netherlands waiting for you before you land here.

Lease application support: leave all the bureaucracy in the hands of our capable corporate housing consultants. When Packimpex handles your housing application, your chances of being accepted increase exponentially.

Support with negotiating lease terms. Never pay more than you have to for a rental property in the Netherlands!


Let's get you settled in your new Dutch home – quickly and stress-free! Book a free guidance call to learn more about our Home Finding Support service and how it can help you!

Home Finding Support saves you time & money when you need a rental property in the Netherlands

Want to move right in? We're here to help you do just that!


Forget about paying for expensive and impersonal hotels and about wasting weeks in bureaucratic mazes. We’re here to provide you with housing in the Netherlands - always fast, efficient, and with zero stress!


Want to handle some of the home-finding process on your own? Choose the level of support you need. Home Finding Support comes in different packages, so you'll always have us on your side – just as much as you need us to be.

Why choose Packimpex for housing solutions in the Netherlands?

Packimpex is a Dutch and European relocation market leader and the most awarded international relocation company. Packimpex has over 45 years' of experience in relocation, handling an average of 4,500 relocations per year.


Our super-power? Making sure you get the experience you need. Personalisation and attention to details for every expat situation have brought us the ‘preferred relocation company' status year after year. You can trust us with finding you short-term corporate housing or long-term rental properties in the Netherlands!

What our customers say

"This is the best investment I could have ever made towards my move. It was worth every penny. I received constructive advice that significantly aided my search. And it is clear to me that I could not have had such success alone."


Deborah, bought the VIP Home-Finding package

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