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Whether your transferees are moving to or from the Netherlands or looking to rent furniture for their new home, Packimpex offers modular rental furniture solutions for both short- and long-term stays. While your transferee waits for their household goods to arrive, or if they have already shipped their belongings to their next destination, Packimpex will help make their house a home by providing them with affordable, high-quality furniture in various packages that fit their needs.

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Packimpex has partnered with Dutch rental furniture providers that can deliver rental furniture to every city in the Netherlands within 4 working days. This rental furniture solution can reduce relocation expenses by helping your transferee avoid long hotel stays and the high prices of furnished accommodation.


Our rental furniture solutions are arranged by room or accommodation size. Your transferee can choose what and how much they need to make their temporary furnished residence a home. Together with our partners, we can supply transferees with high-quality furniture for their master bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and balcony. We also offer various packages that make it possible for them to adapt to their new environment or to their family's needs, for example if they have a baby or young children. These rental furniture solutions are available for both short- and long-term living arrangements.

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You can tailor your quote by choosing how many rooms of rental furniture you need for your transferees, and for how long they will need to rent the furniture. Room packages include:


Living Room Package

Master Bedroom Package

Kitchen and Dining Room Package

Bathroom Package

Electrical Appliances Package

Garden/Balcony Package


Packimpex also offers other packages that meet the specific needs of your transferee's family or working situation. Additional packages include:


Office Package

Guest Package

Baby Package

Child Package

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We serve the whole of the Netherlands and offer the most competitive pricing. We guarantee the best value for money and we provide you with the best offer and services.


When you rent furniture from Packimpex, you can rest easy and ensure that you reduce relocation expenses and your transferees will feel at home with high-quality furniture. With our exceptional customer satisfaction scores, we promise you the best customer service on the market.

Discover Packimpex's corporate housing

If your company needs more than rental furniture for your transferees, you can take advantage of Packimpex's corporate housing solutions. Establishing a pool of fully furnished temporary apartments for employees who are relocating to the Netherlands on a short- or long-term basis will help your business save money, and you will save time.

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