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At Packimpex, we rely heavily on technology to improve our reporting processes and our communication with customers and transferees. A single relocation file typically includes around 10 providers and our relocation consultants need to stay on top of everything, for all the transferees they are taking care of. Multiply that 10-fold and you have a rough picture of what an HR Manager needs to oversee (and most of the time, on a tight deadline).


To interlink all info on visa and work permits, temporary accommodation and housing search, insurance and bank account opening, registration and so on - we would not be able to manage it without some super tech tools.


Find out below what these are and how they make our life and that of our transferees much easier.

Meet Relox

Digital apps at Packimpex are all part of our established tech suite “Relox”. All Relox apps have two major goals:


Allow HR and Global Mobility specialists to use a digital platform to track and manage the logistics of employee relocation and keep costs under control.
Offer transferees the same kind of app-driven, user-friendly technology they have in their personal lives, enriched with access to human support whenever they need it.


Digital apps enable our consultants to focus even more on the individual needs, wishes and requests of the transferees they are serving. This is why all the digital solutions in Packimpex’s portfolio come with live local support, available in-person, via phone or online.


Here’s a guide to each of our platforms more specifically:

Relox for HR and Global Mobility

Relox is our smart in house developed tech which allows our clients, HR and Global Mobility professionals in charge of multiple relocations, to:


Have a complete view of ALL ongoing relocations within their organisation
Easily check the status of each relocation
Communicate with transferees, team members, and other stakeholders
Upload all documentation securely and GDPR-compliant
Save time at every stage of the relocation process
Keep in touch with our relocation consultants, who are always just one phone call away, ready to handle any emergencies or uncertainties.


Put simply, Relox reduces the information overload and yet still allows for human contact when necessary, resulting in easy, efficient collaboration and workflows for everyone.

Relox for transferees

Relox for transferees functions as a home-finding web-app and helps our customers look for a new home in their country of destination, with the full support of an expert relocation consultant. Quite a different experience from a home-search via normal property websites.


The platform is highly collaborative and very easy to use. That's why this is one of our most popular digital tools for transferees.


At every step of the process, a Packimpex consultant works together with the transferee inside the platform. Our consultant provides transferees with suggestions of properties that only meet the transferee’s criteria, and that are also considered legitimate by our expert housing adviser.


Transferees receive specific insights from their relocation consultant about the property and/or the area. They can select properties for viewings, receive their viewing schedule, view area guides, and more.

Instant Quotes for HR and Global Mobility professionals

Our website’s Instant Quote function offers HR and Global Mobility specialists a bird’s-eye view over the relocation budget. It’s quick, transparent, and efficient. All you have to do is pick the services your transferee will require for their relocation between the home country and the rest of the world. A detailed quote will be sent to your inbox within minutes.


Can’t find the services you need? You can use the Instant Quote to create your own personalised relocation package. We know that every company and every transferee has unique needs and wants, which is why the Packimpex services can be customised to meet your demands. You can also use this service to plan and budget your annual relocations, allowances, or lump-sum mobility projects.


Alternatively, our relocation experts are always happy to help you budget or to provide you with a tailored quote.

Other digital relocation tools we’ve designed for our clients

A library of videos containing essential relocation and settling in infos for all countries where we offer services.


All our clients have access to comprehensive video guides about relocating to Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. From renting a property to choosing the rights health insurance provider or adapting to the local culture, the videos are an easy-to-follow, friendly set of guides.


Take a look at the relocation video library for Switzerland to get an idea of what this looks like.

Pre-arrival Orientation Tours – in person and virtual

To help transferees integrate faster and easier in their new environment, we provide extensive – but not too overwhelming – pre-arrival orientation tours. Today these are also available remotely ( = online) as Virtual Orientation Tours.


Do you have questions about any of our digital relocation tools?


We’d love to give you a demo.

Relox Self-relocation platform

Maybe some of your transferees are happy to relocate on their own and manage their expatriation by themselves. For them we’ve created Relox, our brand-new digital platform containing all the knowledge of our relocation consultants, made simpler.


Relox will get your employees up and running in their new job and their fabulous new life abroad much faster. They won’t need to research a million relocation details, compare services and providers. They will find out exactly what they need to do, when and how, in simple steps and with clear instructions. And the best part is they can always reach out to a Relocation Coach if they need extra support.

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