Destination Services in the Netherlands
Get your employees settled in the Netherlands seamlessly

Want to relocate employees in the Netherlands? You will need more than a plane ticket and the transport of their belongings. Our Destination Services can help with everything relocation-related, from finding a home to identifying the best schooling options for your transferee’s children.

What are Destination Services and how can they help you ensure smooth relocations

Destination Services are a group of services designed to help foreign employees settle into their destination country quickly and effortlessly. Beyond transfers and transportations, Destination Services offer everything you take for granted in your home country, but would take you ages to figure out in a foreign country:


Securing short- and long-term rental housing in the Netherlands
Internet connection in your new home
A mobile phone subscription
A bank account
Visas and work permits
Schooling for your children


The services above are just a sample of what our colleagues in Destination Services can help your transferees with.


Our Destination Services in the Netherlands are fully customisable -- you can opt for the entire package or just a few things you or your transferees can’t handle on your own.


Discover our full range of Destination Services in the Netherlands below or schedule a free call with a relocation consultant.

Home Finding Support for new arrivals in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an expat-friendly country. But it also has a very tight housing market. In cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, or Eindhoven it can be almost impossible to find an apartment or house to rent without local help.


Thanks to Packimpex’s local expertise and network of real estate agents and home owners, we can find both short- and long-term rentals for your employees as part of our Destination Services in the Netherlands.


We ensure a positive outcome to every house search. Better yet, we can arrange virtual house tours and make sure that your employee’s application will be accepted by the owners or the property managers.

Settling-in Assistance: the Destination Service you didn’t know you needed

What happens when your employee gets to their new home in the Netherlands? As new arrivals, they will need help with virtually everything related to starting a new life: opening a bank account, finding the best telecom provider, choosing the best schools for their children – or even help finding the best gym in their neighbourhood.


Does your HR department have the bandwidth to handle all that?


Packimpex does!


We have a vast background in helping newly arrived employees settle into their new home in the Netherlands. We can help with all the mundane but essential aspects of a new life and, more importantly, help moderate their expectations from day one.


With Packimpex’s Destination Services in the Netherlands, your new employees can settle in and start their new assignment extremely fast – without the burden of figuring out everyday life.


Book a Free Guidance Call and talk to one of our consultants to learn more about settling-in support!

Arrival services – Welcome to the Netherlands!

Part of Destination Services, Arrival Services are what you need in order to make your employees feel at home from day one!


Pre-hire orientation tour, airport pick-up and transfer, home finding support (for both short and long stays), furniture rental, and more can be included in our Arrival Services. In other words: we’ll be your employees’ local guides as soon as they land!

Education and Childcare in the Netherlands – simplified by Destination Services

Relocating employees with school-aged children to the Netherlands? Finding the right childcare or schooling options for them may determine the success of the assignment.


Part of our Employee Destination Services in the Netherlands, our education consultants will help your transferees identify the best options for their children according to their individual profile. Don’t leave your transferees guessing (or picking up highly subjective opinions in online groups) about whether private or public schools are the best option in the Netherlands.


Education should never be a guessing game! Request a free, no-obligation consultation call from our education experts instead!

Pre-arrival Orientation Tour: your employees know what to expect before landing in the Netherlands

Our pre-arrival orientation tours help your transferees get the lay of the land before touching down in the Netherlands. They can talk to our Destination Services consultants to get a realistic picture of their future life in the Netherlands.


Every transferee has concerns about settling into a new destination. Help your assignees put their doubts to rest and ensure the success of their transfer with our pre-arrival orientation tours.

Relox by Packimpex

Do your transferees prefer to manage their relocation to the Netherlands on their own? We’ve got the perfect solution for them. Relox, our proprietary digital platform contains all our Destination Services consultants’ knowledge in bite-size, actionable pieces.


With Relox, your transferees won’t need to ask a million different questions in a million different places or compare services and providers. They will have everything they need under a single digital roof.


Better yet, they can always reach out to a relocation coach if they need hands-on support and guidance.


Learn more about Relox.

Departure Services in the Netherlands

Leaving the Netherlands? We can take the bureaucratic rollercoaster that departing the country can be off your plate.


You or your transferees don’t need to worry about handing back your apartment, cancelling various utilities or telecom contracts, or getting the rental deposit back.


Through Departure Services (part of our Destination Services), your transferees’ departure can be just as smooth as their arrival.

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